Place where Your Success Begins
At Grand Cru Osaka Kitahama which locates at the heart of business town, you have no hustles shopping around for furniture and office supplies because all of our offices are furnished. Once you decided, then the door will be opened right away. Our receptionists welcome your guests with smiles and hospitality to support building up your brand image. If you are prepared for a new business challenge, this is the place for your success.


Please let us know your budget, start date, and number of people who will be using the office. With these information, we will select the best office suited for you.


The guide will accompanies you to show you not only the office which is suitable for you but also the whole building.


We will send the quotation of your choice.


Please fill and submit us the Grand Cru Members’ Club Admission and Service Office Usage Application.


Based on the information on your application, we review your background before signing the contract. We may refuse to sign the contract with you depend on the outcome of your background check.


After completing your background check, the contract will be sent to your postal address. Please return the contract after signing and sealing your company stamp. Also please submit us all the required documents and make the payment of admission fee and deposit to our designated bank before the start date of your contract.

After confirming all the necessary documents and your payment, the contract will be completed and we will give you the key. Now you are ready to start using the office at Grand Cru Osaka Kitahama!

○ Please note that our call answering service does not include call center operation.

For more information, please contact us.

○ In accordance with revisions to the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds, as from May 2013, we are required to see each other in person before signing the contract. Also under the direction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the National Police Agency, we must check the original identification documents.

We operate our business in compliance with laws and recognize the social responsibility in order to provide safe and comfortable business environment.